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March 13, 2015
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April 13, 2015

One Plus One Invites

There’s a new company selling it’s phones by invitation. Feels exclusive and it has it’s lure. Now that I already have my phone, I have two International/Global invites for the 64GB version in Sandstone Black to give away. The phone will cost you $399 plus shipping.

The One Plus One is an Android phone built by a Chinese company called One Plus. They have created quite a hype as being extremely affordable with no holds barred in the specifications department. Their device is widely known as the ‘flagship killer’ and their tagline is, “Never Settle”. The phone comes installed with the popular CyanogenMod which means no crappy bloatware that usually slows Android down.

I’ll be writing a detailed review after having used it (my first Android device) for a couple of months now. Here is your chance to pick up one of two invites. Just leave your email in the comments and I’ll send two lucky people the invites. Participate only if you really intend to buy the phone as these invites only last 24 hours.

One Plus website