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March 9, 2015
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March 13, 2015

Cocktails & More

A week ago I had the pleasure of some great company and a fun evening at the John Barry Bar in the Grand Hyatt Muscat for the Blue Carpet event. Me and the wife are not ones to do weekday nights out but thought we could give this a try as we needed a wind down from the midweek hustle. The hump-day outing turned even better when we heard about an award winning ‘travelling bartender’ who was to work his magic at the bar.

Denzel Heath, a South African bartender/mixologist/drinks-maker-extraordinaire put his signature cocktails on menu at the John Barry Bar (JBB) every evening for a whole week from the 1st to 7th of March. This was his second time in town and a few of the local blogging crowd had a great time during his first visit and swear by his talents. Since the Blue Carpet event was pretty popular and got pretty crowded at the bar, we decided to stop by the JBB for another round of mixes with the wife’s cousin and her hubby a couple of days later. It turned out to be a quiet night due to the Oman Restaurant Awards event (also at the Hyatt), but that was great for us as Denzel worked his magic on his signature cocktails and moved on to make something special for us at our every request.

Denzel is a great guy and kept us in good spirits through the entire evening. We even had special cocktails, one named the Terrytail for yours truly and one for the wife, the Tinytail. His signature cocktail The Lennox (his own creation with a great story behind it) was the crowd favourite (and mine too). Denzel mixes his way through the globe visiting various cool places and is set to be back in town in October. That seems like a long wait to try some amazing cocktails, but don’t despair, The Lennox is now on the John Barry Bar menu and will be served at your request, so why not stop by the Grand Hyatt for a great evening out and try it out.


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